As for small and medium enterprise, the establishment and development of enterprise culture is the vital demand.

As for small and medium enterprise, the establishment and development of enterprise culture is the vital demand.

        The many year study indicated small and medium enterprises remain many issues caused by the bad result of enterprise culture, such as the low positiveness in work vof the workers, human capital flight, low performance and etc. This shows the establishment and development of enterprise culture is the key role in the exsitence and development of the enterprises. Therefore, small and medium enterprises building the enterprise culture is the vital demand. The enterprise paying high attention to establish and develop the enterprise culture will obtain the preference of sustainable development; and the enterprise looking down on establishing and developing the enterprise culture will face many obstacles to gain the sustainable development.

        Take a look on some cases, and simply analyzie them. Company A poses the service as the main business line of the company while the attitude to customers is very diferent among the staffs. This is the concern from Mr.Zhang when he had several visit to this company and had a separate emotion on each time, then he doesn’t want to cooperate with it anymore. In an other case, Company B is the company specializing in production with many orders; however, the company has the detailed and strict managing module, for instance: in lunch time, the staffs only ask for service providing meal or self-bring with the meal but they aren’t permitted to go out for meal; they must ensure their phone is on 24/14 and so on. These requirements also can’t ensure the completion of order and business activities on the given time. Two companies has learned some experience through several years to become the mature ones; however, the enterprises still lie in the endless circle of the conflicts between production and consumption, Chairman of Management Board with General Director, nmanager with staffs. It seems that there is an underlying storm behind the silent appearance when they are dissatisfying with each other.

        Firstly, the question of Company A seems to be the attitude of the staff, but the fact is the lack of direction and the consistent discipline of the enterprise while enterprise culture plays a role in instruction and discipline. With those roles, it helps to drive the behaviours of the staffs from general consciousness impacting on behaviours of the staffs. Regarding company B, its strict rules cannot be the key for solution if the production limit was scientifically calculted; hence, the reason leading to the low positiveness of the staffs is the lack of the feeling in humanity and the joy in work. The reason is that the motivation function of enterprise culture has not developed yet. The current conflict of the company C is the common phenominon with the root reason caused by the relationship in the long term lacking the good cooperation of benefits and responsibilities while this cooperation must develop the values and emotional statndards for everyone intead of passing through enterprise module.

       Thanks to analysis of above examples, people can understand 4 big roles of enterprise culture including instruction, discipline, motivation and coordination. In fact, the roles of enterprise culture have been developed more and more. The 5th role of enterprise culture is connection. It not only implies the dependence of the staffs with the whole group but also lightens the consciousness of the whole group in the enterprise creating a foreign competition. The 6th is the radiation role indicating that the exchange between individuals and commercial exchange between enterprises together with information, products lead to the radiation towards wider places inner the enterprise and society outside of the enterprises instead of the enterprise only being a closed circle.

       These above roles of enterprise culture can make us think more deeply about its significance. People can be aware of enterprise culture’s roles, maybe more or less but its real significane is unadequately defined. What is the reason? Someone says: “I don’t understand what enterprise culture is, enterprise is not school, benefit earnming is important only”; or others think, “Our company is a small-scaled company, we exist without enterprise culture, what is for big enterprise”. Those are the wrong thoughts about enterprise culture. So how enterprise culture influences significantly on the enterpises? In one side, enterprise culture affects directly to the benefits of the enterprise. For instance, the production of one glass of the enterprise can earn 1 renminbi (RMB), this one renminbi (RMB) can be seen as direct benefit, but the real benefit that enterprise culture brings to the enterprise is unobivious like that. Unobivision doesn’t mean unexistence, the attitude of the staffs, the respect for machinery, the cooperation and contribution of groups, image keeping of the company can bring the company with more product consumption. By comparision and statistic, the price and benefits of enterprise culture can be estimated; this indirect benefit is not less than the benefit of engineering innovation at all. Otherwise, enterprise culture influences directly on long-term development of the enterprise. Each small enterprise also has a dream of being a large enterprise in the shortest time; however, all enterprises can achive that dream, because small enterprises don’t pay attention to establish and develop the enterprise culture, many accumulated potential coonflicts and big internal loss, etc. Until being awoken, they realize the determinable significance of enterprise culture, but that time is too late.

      Summary, many small and medium enterprises remain the problems of management and inefficiency that caused by the bad enterprise culture. Hence, enterprises must be aware of the importance and urgency of enterprise culture for the benefit and development. Until enterprise culture is taken into consideration and totally developed its function in terms of direction, discipline, motivation, coordination, connection and radiation, the enterprise will be risen its inside force and dominance, then achieve more benefits and developments.