Ultrasound application

1. The ultrasonic cleaning applications in industry:

Electronic industry is the earliest and the most popular industry using ultrasound applications.

        Cleaning electronic components such as fragile semiconductor tubes, the shell of IC, crystal perishable, fragile relays, electronic tubes etc.

        Cleaning the basic part of the electronic components. The basis electronic components is made from semiconductor material and sealed form in metal or plastic soles, before closing, not only cleaning fragile, but also practicing basic hygiene, such as core plate IC, resistors, crystals, semiconductor, the original film circuits etc.

        Cleaning PCB. In the electronic industry in China, the vast majority of industries are using an auxiliary PCB, welding and assembly of PCB components are classified into three types of water-soluble resin and free clean, two previous types are mostly used, using ultrasonic cleaning (we also have to use alcohol to scrub), on the principle of free clean is no cleaning, but, at present the majority of of the countries in the world, even with the use of free cleaning to welding assembly parts also need cleaning. Especially high-density PCB and high-density IC without cleaning or using ultrasound to clean, will lead to the absorption of dirt between the high-density line and between the legs of IC, a large humidity of the environment, it's easy to get short-circuit occurs between the high-density line and between the legs and the incident, and when in dry environment, the short-circuit problem disapears , this problem is not easy to find, The whole plants of countries in the world comply with the ultrasonic wave cleaning PCB board. In our country, the whole electronical plants of the military industry have begun to spread, and get double benefit because it has enhanced the reliability of the product, lowered the cost of after-sales service.

        In the process of producing connectors and associated components, converters, etc., must be clean before plating or assembling or dirt and grease will cling onto these assembly components and will affect its conductivity and insulation, especially at the more complex core link.

        Clean all electronic materials after processing into shape as crystalline silicon panels, piezoelectric ceramic plates etc. Electronic materials that are provided for components manufacturers, its products before delivery must be clean; especially the producing the export sector, the hygiene products became a huge problem, ultrasonic wave cleaning is the most effective measures.

2. The ultrasonic cleaning applications in the electrical industry

        In the electrical industry, from mechanical components to mechanical parts, electrical components and equipment for parts of electrical equipment are sanitary needs, for instant, gear from the crankshaft to gear boxes, other examples of the combination of mechanical components and electrical equipment on the electrical components, there are a number of mechanical components and precision devices, the device can not be separated from cleaning, the majority of enterprises using traditional cleaning methods, such as leach cleaning, spray cleaning. This method not only are large labor intensity, but also likely to cause environmental pollution and waste the water resources. Currently, many enterprises began renovating technology, using ultrasonic wave cleaning to remove the affect of traditional hygeine, especially some of the mechanical components which have complex shape, which tradition cleaning is helpless.

3. The ultrasonic cleaning applications in light industry

        Light industry, such as: air-conditioning, refrigerator, air compressor in the refrigerator; wall clock parts, watch parts etc.; textile industry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, jade, etc. are clean, there are a number of components, parts and assembly components such as: compressors, motor vents, etc. or complex shape, or blind hole (not visible), the small hole, only ultrasound can guard some factories even use a string-scale ultrasound or lifting synchronized device.

4. The ultrasonic cleaning applications in the surface treatment industry

        Surface treatment as a combination of parts of light industries, including plating mechanical parts, chassis painted metal and non-metal, glass optical or xi glass membranes, etc., using the cleaning by ultrasonic technology to clean before and after plating or before and after painting has become a typical new technologies, especially some more cores in the socket of electronic products industries forces, due to the quality requirements required plating, but its quality requirements after plating between core insulation, usually due to after plating led to the insulation between the cores, after use Acetone methods, also gradually seep hygiene, it demanded its resistive value is infinity, but do not meet the quality requirements, using ultrasound to clean, after drying finished, completely reaching the quality requirements. Direct plating on ultrasound can improve the balance of the plating solution and plating density.

5. The ultrasonic cleaning applications in the field of railway repairing

        Some technological fixing processes "repairing process 3" and the railway system of the Chinese railways are related to hygiene. The application of ultrasound in the relatively common rail system used without removing of large equipment such as the air-conditioned on train, the diesel generator, the heat motor machine and so it is a brand new topic. The overhaul of passenger cars in China, the use of ultrasonic wave in cleaning device without removing the train air-conditioning system is the first move.

        Its lower labor intensity, cleaning quality is improved, create low-cost environmental protection, civilized production, improve field management, all of which creates a new local area, but universal is currently low.

6.The ultrasonic cleaning applications in the field of military equipment are nothing more than the optical, mechanical, electrical equipment or equipment integrity of 3 types of optical, mechanical, electrical, military equipment in the standby state, the military reserve is in stock, this equipment is in standby status, exercise, exercises are inevitable absorption of dust, dirt, especially the equipment weapons complex is based on the effort to clean, maintenance is very difficult, but once you use the ultrasonic wave cleaning technology in the maintenance of equipment and weapons, then the problem is solved. The role of ultrasonic cleaning machine of Do Thuy Nguyen dated 04.17.2001 on "China Electronic Newspaper": cleaning ware by ultrasound is type of sanitary ware without damage, no box environment. It takes advantage of empty chemical effects of ultrasound in the solution, to produce enormous energy, to peel dirt particles on objects to achieve the purpose of cleaning; simultaneously in the course of chemical reactions study ultrasonic wave solution also can promote the role of dissolved and emulsified fast, effective and can be peeled off the gas in solution.

7. The ultrasonic cleaning applications in technology before plating, painting

        Product processing technology before spraying is very important, traditional technology normally used to conduct acid in processing machining parts which creates heavy pollution; inefficient work environment at the same time, the biggest drawback is due to the complex structure, the residual acid on components after acid rust removal is very difficult to clean. Components after spraying for not a really long time will appear rust holes, damage, surface coating, create seriously impact on the quality of the product. Ultrasonic cleaning technology with the paint before application and after processing, not only can fast peeling dirt from the surface and in the interstices of the material, but also make the class of spray components solid paint without rust.

        Making use of empty chemical effects of ultrasound which are produced in solution can wash away oil and dirt on the surface of processing components, mixing an appropriate amount of detergent can quickly achieve the high clean processing surface of machining components.

        For plating technology, the purity requirements on the surface are relatively high, while cleaning with ultrasound technology we can achieve the ideal technical requirements. Leveraging technology ultrasonic wave cleaning can replace solvent to clean the dirt of oil; electrolyte can be replaced in order to remove oil; we can replace the corrosion of strong acid to remove the rust layer clay and oxidation on the surface of low carbon alloy steel.

        The application of ultrasonic wave cleaning can make a lot of traditional sanitation technologies simplified, and improved sanitary quality and production efficiency. Especially for machining components with relatively complex shapes and angles margin requirements for more advantages. Leveraging technology ultrasonic wave cleaning can replace the role of acid, strong alkalis within very large, significant reduction of environmental pollution, and improve the working environment of workers, lower labor intensity, contribute to the protection of ecological environment.

★ Introducing some cases using ultrasonic wave cleaning technology in the surface of common processing components:

1. Surface polishing oil and components cleaning

        Typically, polishing oil is often blended oil, large oil molecules, high melting point, the solid state at room temperature that are difficult-to-cleaning substances, the use of traditional measures organic solvents for cleaning or high-temperature alkaline boil makes a lot of mistakes. Using ultrasonic wave cleaning, you can use water-based sanitizers, at an average temperature within a few minutes, can thoroughly clean surface of machining components, the process technology that is often used are: ① → ② cleaned by soaking ultrasound → ③ washed with water (clean water).

2. On the cold-rolled steel sheet surface with oil and little rust

        Cold-rolled steel sheet surface with oil, dirt or little rust, that is relatively easy to clean, , but after the usual method for cleaning is complete, the machining surface parts still attached to a very thin dust layer, affect the quality of subsequent processing, sometimes there is no other choice to use strong acid soaking method to remove dust. ultrasound technology and solution of appropriate sanitation, can thoroughly clean the surface components easily and quickly, and make the surface components have relatively high activity, sometimes even ignoring the soaking acid activation stage before plating.

  3. On the machining components surface with oxidation layer and yellow rust

        Traditional methods are used with salt acid or acid sulfuric to dip wash. If using synthetic processing technology with ultrasound, we can quickly remove oil, rust on the surface of components within a few minutes, and avoid brittleness problem of hydrogen produced by strong acid cleaning.

        In summary, in the plating industry etc. cleaning by ultrasonic technology has very broad application prospects. In recent years, many factories use plating equipment cleaning by ultrasound technology, instead of the foothold original acid process control of the plating line, have achieved certain success, wealth significantly, improved more quality and yield components of plating than before, while improving production environment, achieving economic benefits and prospective social benefits.